Welcome to the new blog. The old blog can be found here, but we won’t be updating it any longer. Those of you with accounts will need to re-register on this site. We’ll move over some of the Greatest Hits from the old blog, but don’t plan to move everything… mainly because there is no great way to do it automatically.

Wix is a nightmare to deal with when it comes to DNS, and our domain won’t be transferred over to our favorite DNS registrar and host, easydns.com, until Saturday. Until then, emails from the site are going to be kind of broken, because we use easy’s email service, easymail. (And no, we aren’t getting paid for this – we’ve just been happy customers for close to two decades now, I think? EasyDNS has clue.)

With the new blog, I’m going to experiment with some new content under the T-E-C on Tech category, so this blog isn’t just us bitching about our medical issues. <laugh> If you’re just here to read about our personal journey, then you can safely skip T-E-C on Tech posts. If you’re just wanting to configure your Linux box to do something, you can safely skip the Personal posts. I may end up splitting T-E-C on Tech into its own blog, depending how much I actually make use of it. Mainly, I want to show that there is more to our life and interests than DID, COPD, etc.