Been Having a Hard Week

Yesterday my boss called me at home, and my mom came over to check on me, because I wasn't responding to texts/messages like usual, because I was asleep. Tuesday night I missed the first 40 minutes of therapy, because I was asleep. Just tired? No. I have a Fast-Forward button on life that gets hit..

Another Week Down…

The biggest positive of this week? Getting my own oxygen concentrator. I feel so much better on supplemental oxygen. Hooray for that. The biggest downer of the week? It seems my #1 allergy is to cat dander. :-( I'm not sure what I'm going to do about that. Maybe try allergy meds? That's a little..

I Have No Idea What I’m Doing

I'm in a really weird space tonight. I had an absolutely exhausting afternoon with medical stuff, and then came home and proceeded to watch music videos on YouTube for hours and hours. My musical taste is certainly… different. Mostly I've been jamming out to 80s bands. I don't know why the mid-late 80s/early 90s keep..

Mixed Paint & New Readers?

Hi, its Jes again. I've found that I have been moving between "Saoirse-ish" and "Janet-ish", but they are both me. Janet & Saoirse aren't as distinct as they once were - that's what that picture is trying to symbolize. Things aren't one solid, uniform color through and through, but things have been stirred? I'm still..

Welcome Jes!

I have yet to directly meet Jes, but I wanted to throw a welcome note out here. :-) Konnichiwa! I'm wondering what this all means for the rest of us, of course. I'm guessing that Jes will be the new host of the system?? I talked to FW and we decided that Saoirse's council seat..

Still Here

Well, I'm still here, still figuring myself out. The main thing that I've done is sleep! But I seem to still function on night shift hours. Some things, it seems, never change. I'm having a weird night with music. Stuff my music player recommends used to usually hit the spot, but tonight I keep having..

A New Chapter Begins

Hi, I'm Jes. I'm still debating if I want to add another s. J, E and S are actually the initials I've had since birth. There is also a J for Janet, an S for Saoirse, and an E for a letter both names shared. Oh, I'll still answer to Janet I suppose, being the..