What’s in a Name?

We've been having a conversation about our legal name. When we changed our name around age 20, we kept the same last name. The question has come up since our father's death, hey, do we really still want to be carrying around HIS name? On one hand, the answer is no. On the other hand,..


So, Sharon kind of got on my case about my last post. She challenged that I *do* love T-E-C. It's why the whole Saoirse 2.0 journey happened. It's why I work so hard to financially take care of us. It's seen in my actions, if not always in my thoughts. And, she's probably right. Love..


I wouldn't say that I love myself, or really any part of T-E-C. I tolerate us, I like some better than others, but in general I'm just not a "feel good about yourselves" type of person. When my therapist suggested that I feel good about myself tonight, I actually laughed. Probably not the proper response,..


I'm bipolar (manic-depressive) as well as DID. That's a dumpster fire of mental health issues that we struggle with to this day, and its honestly not that clear to me where one ends and the other begins. DID folk are often misdiagnosed as being bipolar, but I think in my case I truly am dealing..

Revolving Doors…

We're all over the place this morning. We feel kind of sick, didn't sleep well at all, are totally in a fog, can't focus - bleh. I'm wondering if this is the start of Zyprexa withdrawl. We're trying to taper off of it, AGAIN, because of weight issues. We're on it for bipolar stuff, and..


This post is probably going to be all over the place. So I'll start with the easy stuff... t-e-c.org is getting hit with a lot of spammers creating accounts. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about this - deleting them is getting old. The problem with hosting this site in Wix-land is I'm..

Frequent Flyer Miles

Oy. So yesterday was our third ER visit in the last ~1 month. This is new - before last month it had been many years since visiting a hospital. We're physically falling apart at the seams. :-( I know we haven't posted much this month, but we haven't been feeling that great, and work has..

More Misadventure!

We're doing OK. The week off work helped, and Saoirse is back at work, doing Saoirse things. We did have a detour through the local ER a week and a half ago to get stitched up - Janet managed to hurt the body by accident while moving heavy things she shouldn't have tried to move..

Why are nights so hard?

GAH. Mind is all over the place tonight. My Saoirse side and Janet side are in conflict - we're probably as separate from each other as we've been in quite a while. The key disagreement is about work, and taking an unpaid leave of absence of 5 days. Saoirse, of course, is against it. Why..