Mea Culpa

We got a cold that knocked us out for a few days. Our blood O2 levels have been pretty low. I got a "ear full" (head full?) from Saoirse about not getting us medical care when our oximeter kept alarming at 85%, which for those who don't know, is low. (Healthy people are in the..

In Our New Home

Much unpacking remains, and the old place still needs to be cleaned up and sold, but we've moved in to our new home. Alas, its just a rental... but who knows, maybe someday we'll be able to make an offer on it. It's hands down the nicest place we've ever lived. I'm not sure if..

Moving to Anacortes!

For months and months, we've been looking for a place to rent in Anacortes, WA. We had three main criteria - no stairs, allows cats, has air conditioning. And that's turned up a big fat nothing until just recently. Now, on the 16th we'll be getting the keys to our new place, which satisfies all..

What to Do?

I agreed not to work today. I messaged work that I won't be in, and that I won't be available. We're still having some problems with our oxygen, and Sharon basically told me off for trying to work last night while light headed and feeling bad. It was also ~4 a.m. I just don't know..