In A Better (?) Place…

Nope, I'm not writing this from the afterlife. I'm just no longer in mixed episode hell. Yay. Of course, that means I've mostly dived into depression, but hey, I'll take it? At least I've been able to sleep. Also, I'm off the evil Latuda and back on the not-quite-as-evil Zyprexa. Actually, if Zyprexa didn't make..

Hell is a Bipolar Mixed Episode

Most of the time, if I'm having trouble with being bipolar, its pretty much straight depression. I crawl into myself and sleep 20 hours a day, and eventually get through it. Other times I go hypo-manic, which is mania-lite. Diet Mania? I operate on 2-3 hours of sleep a night, and am usually highly productive,..

Health Update

In short, I'm kind of fucked. I've been diagnosed with severe COPD, and WHO Group 3 Pulmonary Hypertension. The five year survival rate for Group 3 PH is too depressing to post, but let's just say its worse than normal PH, which wasn't all that wonderful to begin with. The good news (?) is that..

I’m Not Dead Yet :-)

Oh, what a rollercoaster of emotion the last couple of weeks have been. It's also a little freaky, because I had a premonition in 2020 that I was going to die this year. So, um, yeah the possibility didn't come as a complete shock in an odd sort of way. BUT, I'm not going down..

The Deleted Post

Yes, I'm the one who put up a fuss about the journalling post and had it pulled. We journal or write emails to each other a lot, and yes, it would be cool for you all to see that in action. Sometimes we're co-conscious in real time, sometimes there is a time delay of hours,..